Our Favourites - Special Cuvées

“If you like the basic champagne (usually the Brut sans année) of a champagnehouse, you’ll be charmed by the rest of the brands” is a saying you hear time and time again when visiting the Champagne region. We’ve experienced it to be true.
Which doesn’t mean we do not have a favourite cuvée from the champagne farmers on our site.
Whether you are an amateur or a connaisseur, we are convinced that our selection of Blancs de Blancs, Rosés, Millésimes, … will tantalise your taste buds.

Brut Prestige Premier Cru

Champagne Pascal Hénin

65 % Pinot Noir and 35 % Chardonnay.
This Cuvée, full of character, is a revelation of pure strength.

Cuvée Jean-Baptiste

Champagne Perseval – Farge

30 % Pinot Noir, 15 % Pinot Meunier and 55 % Chardonnay grapevines of about 30 years old.
The blue grape varieties ripened during 12 months in wooden barrels and spread an aroma of almonds, nuts and delicate wood.
Its sumptuous taste has an explicit vineous character. The beautiful long aftertaste with a touch of orange zest and green apple are the icing on the cake!
A magnificent champagne which can be drunk just for fun or with a hearty meal of veal or fowl. A real treasure!

Cuvée Prestige Millésime

Champagne de la Renaissance

One year, one vinayard : Oger grand cru.
This millésime translates the specific characteristics of the harvest year and the bond between the champagne house and the unique layers of chalk Oger has been blessed with.
Discover the strength of the terroir in this wine which has ripened for four years “sur lattes”. Savour the aromas of honey, dried fruit and the refined touch of white flowers. A grand cru for ‘connaisseurs’. "Le millésime, on l’aime, on l’aime moins, on l’adore."