Producers - Champagne E. Barnaut

2, Rue Gambetta
51150 BOUZY
Phone: 0033 326 570 154

Established by Edmond Barnaut in 1874. Since 1985 it has been presided over by Philippe Secondé, the fifth generation.
Price range: between 18.00 and 28.00 Euros.
Hectares : 16 ha 25
Grape variety : 70% pinot noir, 25% chardonnay and 5% Pinot Meunier
Terroir : Bouzy, Ambonnay, Louvois, Tauxières, Brasles, Gland
Production: +/- 130,000 bottles

The house style

The Pinot Noir of Bouzy stands for body and exuberant maturity. Philippe Secondé is a wine maker of an exceptional level who succeeds in curbing this full-bodied grape variety so that its taste is never heavy but round and full and reveals a whole range of nuances.
The passion of the wine maker can already be seen at the harvest where, using a unique sorting table, only the best grapes are selected. Each year a third of the picked grapes does not pass the strict selection test and ends up discarded.
The philosophy of the house : aim for perfection

The assets

Champagne Edmond Barnaut has a marvellous boutique. It’s open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 12.30pm and from 1.30pm to 5.30pm.
Not only can you buy all the cuvées, you’ll also find lots of other regional products : escargots, the biscuits of Fossier, whisky from Distillerie Guillon, … and a wide variety of champagne gadgets.

The different cuvées

Sélection Extra Brut - Grand Cru

Non dosage Champagne (= without adding extra sugars). The 90% Pinot Noir compensates the lack of extra sugar, the 10% Chardonnay provides the freshness.
You smell a whiff of fruit confit and herbs, and taste the body of the terroir.
Our advice is that you drink the Sélection Extra Brut as an aperitive or with fruits de mer.

Grande Réserve Brut - Grand Cru

66% Pinot Noir gives the champagne its personality and the typical body of the terroir and 33% Chardonnay provides freshness and elegance.
This lively champagne remained in the cellars for five years to ripen and reveals intense aromas of dried fruit and baked apples. When you start to drink it, you’re immediately surprised by its taste and the aftertaste lasts a long time.
It’s an all-round champagne. It can be used as an aperitive, around tea-time or to accompany grilled fish.

Champagne Blanc de Noirs - Grand Cru

100% Pinot Noir
This Blanc de Noirs livens up the terroir of Bouzy, with a lot of subtlety and without being heavy in the mouth.
Four years of maturing in the cellars produce aromas of herbs, flowers and plums. The fresh onset immediately reveals the balanced, powerful and fruity structure.
The Blanc de Noirs is an ideal drink to accompany fowl and beef.

Champagne Authentique Rosé - Grand Cru

85% to 90% Pinot Noir and 10% to 15% Chardonnay
This ruby red Rosé par saignée, "Authentique" refers to this traditional method, has matured for three to four years in the cellars.
A smell like an explosion of red fruit, blood oranges and pomelo. An exquisite, round and supple rosé which accompanies your meal from start to finish and even holds its own with strong cheeses.

Champagne Cuvée Douceur - Grand Cru

60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay
This exceptional champagne has matured for 4 or 5 years in the cellar. Per litre 20 grams of sugar has been added. It’s a sec : balanced between sweet and fresh.
You smell honey and bees wax and taste a satin freshness.
This champagne goes perfectly with fruity deserts (eg. figs or pears). You should definitely try it with foie gras. Superb!

Champagne Millésime Brut - Grand Cru

50% Pinot Noir provides the personality and the typical body of the terroir, 50% Chardonnay gives freshness and elegance. This champagne comes from parcels with a lower return so the characteristics of the terroir are more prominent.
The result is a champagne with a lot of maturity and a harmonious balance between two noble grape varieties.
It’s a champagne for special occasions or to share with friends that appreciate a well- made champagne.

Cuvée Edmond - Millésime Brut

This cuvée is an homage to its founder and, like the original champagnes, it’s a composition of the three known cépages: 40% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Meunier.
The initial strong taste lasts quite some time and reveals a rich pallet of flavours : red fruit, citrus fruit and exotic fruit.
Uncork an young Cuvée Edmond at very special occasions. After a couple of years in your cellar, the champagne goes very well with fowl and fish.

Bouzy Rouge Millésime - Grand Cru

Typical red wine from Bouzy, made from grapevines of 25 years and older. Perfect to accompany dishes with cold cuts and different sorts of game.

Clos Barnaut - Bouzy Rosé - Millésime - Grand Cru

This exclusive wine is probably the only Grand Cru Coteau Champenois Rosé AOC. A rare wine that expresses the richness of an exceptional piece of land and can be savoured at any time and with any dish.

Marc de Champagne


Who’s the winegrower’s wife?

Laurette Secondé

If I hadn’t met my winegrower… I would have become a painter.

A splendid champagne is … A champagne created out of passion, aromatic richness and the unforgettable tasting .

My favourite wine … Chablis

The best move I’ve ever made … When I arrived in 1992, I had no knowledge of wines and champagnes. With the help of my husband I learned to appreciate the bubbles. Nowadays I like to discover wines and to share that passion with our clients.

The best combination champagne/dish is … Rosé Champagne with scallops

What can move me … Seeing the children growing up and learning the passion for our work.

My favourite spot … home