Our Favourites - Millésimes

A Millésime is a champagne from a specific year of harvest. Only if the harvest has been extremely good , the winegrower will decide to assemble a cuvée with the grapes of that specific year. The year itself is mentioned on the bottle.
We tremendously adore these "outsiders" among the champagnes. The old Millésimes of Champagne Guy Michel & Fils (link to page) are our all-time favourites. At Champagne Guy Michel & Fils you can still obtain champagnes from the 'eighties' and' nineties. Real gems!
All champagne makers on www.champagnevisit.be have 1 or more millésimes in their range. As a Millésime differs in character from year to year, you should taste them all!
In addition to Champagne Guy Michel & Fils, we also like the millésimes of:
Champagne Perseval-Farge,
Champagne Lancelot – Royer and
Champagne Bouquet