Champagne - Eat and drink

Champagne is still not considered as a wine you can drink throughout a meal. People use it as an aperitif and then switch to still wines. That’s a pity, because there’s such a wide range of champagnes. They can be served with every course:
Non-dosage champagnes : with oysters and other fruits de mer
Basic champagnes : with rice dishes
A fresh Chardonnay : as an aperitive and with a summer salad
Enjoy a Blanc de Noirs (with lots of Pinot Meunier) or a champagne "Liquoreux" with foie gras.
Rosé champagne : with salmon, cheese and surprisingly so with chocolate

Fortunately some top chefs are starting to appreciate the table qualities of champagne. There are some impressive champagne restaurants in the region. Dining with champagne seems luxurious, but normally there’s a perfect symbiosis between the simple, regional kitchen and the product of the local champagne farmers.
Not every champagne goes with every dish, but doesn’t that count for still wines as well?

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