Producers - Champagne Bouquet

3, Rue du Côteau
51700 Châtillon-sur-Marne
Phone: 0033 676 69 02 87
Mobile: 0033 676 69 02 87

Cécile Bouquet is the current winemaker and the 5th generation of this family champagne house!
Price range: between 14,00 and 30,00 Euros.
Hectares: 6 hectares.
Grape variety: 68% Pinot Meunier, 18% Pinot Noir and 14% Chardonnay
Terroir: The Marne Valley (Châtillon-sur-Marne, Montigny et Orquigny)
Production: +/- 25,000 bottles

House style defined by the winegrower

Champagne Bouquet is an ‘independent winegrower’ (Vignéron Indépendant) who rigorously watches over the quality of the grapes and the wines.
In the champagnes you'll find the reflection of the wonderful terroir of the Marne Valley: fruity, exuberant and intense.

The assets of the house

The Bouquet family welcomes you 7 days a week (indeed, even on Sundays) in a beautiful tasting area or, when the weather is fine, on the terrace that offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Marne Valley.
From 2 bottles onwards, you can have your bottles personalized!!

The different cuvées

Brut Reserve

A composition of Chardonnay (33%), Pinot Meunier (34%) and Pinot Noir (33%)
Eye: straw yellow color with golden reflections, intense bubbles.
Nose: delicate, fruity, generous aromas of white flowers, chamomile and cooked fruits.
Mouth: abundantly fruity (as it should in the Marne Valley).
Food and champagne pairing: can be drunk just for fun or as an aperitive, but also with white grilled meat, poultry, sweet and fruit desserts.

Also available in Demi-Sec.

Brut Rosé

A very seductive rosé d’assemblage!
Eye: a lovely pink color with glowing ruby reflections.
Nose: fruity and harmonious with aromas of: roses, laurel leaves, red fruits (cherry, raspberry, blackberry) and some nutmeg.
Mouth: rich red fruit.
Food and champagne pairing: enjoy it as an aperitive but also with cooked salmon, poultry, red fruit desserts, chocolate and cheese.

Brut Millésime

A composition of Chardonnay (33%), Pinot Meunier (34%) and Pinot Noir (33%)
Eye: a yellow golden color gold with brilliant, gold reflections.
Nose: rich aromas of: butter, jammy fruit, baked apple and raisins.
Mouth: smooth and creamy mouth feel and a long aftertaste.
Food and champagne pairing: it can be drunk at any moment but it also matches perfectly with creamy sauce dishes (fish or poultry), duck confit, roast duck, cream desserts.

La Belle Notoire

A composition of Chardonnay (60%), Pinot Meunier (20%) and Pinot Noir (20%)
Eye: a clear golden dress with sparkling golden reflections.
Nose: fine and elegant with aromas of: honeysuckle, white flowers and fresh fruit.
Mouth: light, balanced and supple.
Food and champagne pairing: as an aperitive or with oysters, scallop carpaccio, grilled white meat, toasted bread crusts.

Cuvée Opaline

An excellent blanc de noirs!
A composition of Pinot meunier (30%) and Pinot noir (70%)
Eye: an intense golden color!
Nose: complex and intense, subtle aromas of black pepper and toasted almonds.
Mouth: smooth, a huge roundness, structured body and a long aftertaste.
Food and champagne pairing: Bayonne ham, sea urchins, lamb chops, feathered game, cream desserts

Who is the winegrower?

Cécile Bouquet

A great champagne is ... An unforgettable champagne, that resembles us

My favorite champagne ... Our cuvée Opaline or L'accomplie de chez Champagne Savart

My favorite wine ... Chassagne Montrachet

My favorite beer ... Orval

My favorite season ... Autumn, when the harvest is collected and the colors are fabulous

My favorite place ... Corsica, between vineyards, sea and mountains

The best combination champagne dish is ... The cuvée Opaline with game or the cuvée Belle Notoire with scallops