Producers - Champagne De La Renaissance

2, Rue d’Avize
51190 OGER
Phone: 0033 326 57 53 90

Nelly Dhondt
Price range: between 13.50 and 18 Euros
Hectares : 7.8 ha
Grape variety : : Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier
Terroir : Oger, Mesnil, Avize, Chouilly, Aÿ, Avenay-Val-d’Or, Mutigny, Saudoy
Production : /

The house style

Family run champagne house.
The quality of the harvest and a meticulous control determine the duration of the maturing process.

The assets of the house

Nelly loves to share her passion for bubbles with each visitor.
Everyone loves her and she, she loves everything! The vineyard, the champagne, her next glass and especially … life.
Nelly is a sociable, open-hearted chatterbox who seems to have stepped out of a Pagnol movie. Pay her a visit and you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the front row of the cinema. (see Les vignerons d’Oger)

The different cuvées

Cuvée Gourmand - Demi-Sec - Premier Cru

Cuvée Terroir - Brut - Premier Cru

This grand cru is an assemblage of 60% of the same harvest year and 40% of old Chardonnay. This mixture ensures a continuous quality and balanced aromas. A beautiful cuvée to celebrate the big moments of life.

Cuvée Rosé des Blancs - Grand Cru

A composition of 60% Chardonnay (Nelly really has a passion for this variety) and 15% red wine, a Pinot Noir from Aÿ made by Michel, the son.
This champagne is the latest creation of the champagne family and differs every year in colour and taste. The reason for this lies in the reaction of the colour of the grapes to the fermentation process. After a maturation period of 3 years, the champagne has an elegant and generous fullness.

Cuvée Fleuron - Grand Cru

One of our favourites : this splendid Blanc de Blancs is exclusively made of Chardonnay of the same harvest year, but it is not an millésime. Thanks to a rigid selection and the fact that the harvest of different grand-cru lots are being used, the producer succeeds in realising a continuous taste typical of the house style. The beautifully decorated bottle (a label in the shape of a grape leaf) is the pampered child of the house. The golden green robe and the flowery scent reveal an expressive wine with a fresh but round character.

Cuvée Sauvage - Brut

This cuvée is identical to the brut sans année but no liqueur au dégorgement (no extra sugar) has been added. A somewhat nervous but not aggressive wine with dominant aromas of grapefruit. Perfect as an aperitive.

Cuvée Brut+

Cuvée Millésime 2008

One year, one vineyard : Oger grand cru.
This Millésime translates the specific characteristics of the harvest year and the bond between the champagne house and the unique layers of chalk Oger has been blessed with. Discover the strength of the terroir in this wine which has ripened for four years “sur lattes”. Savour the aromas of honey, dried fruit and the refined touch of white flowers. A grand cru for ‘connoisseurs’. “Le millésime, on l’aime, on l’aime moins, on l’adore.”

Who’s the winegrower?

Nelly Dhondt

If I weren’t a winemaker ... I would have become an interpreter. I like to interact with other people, other nationalities.

The best year was ... 2003, for its exceptional, atypical quality. The quantity however was a disaster.

My favourite champagne ... Bollinger.

The vineyard I would like to own ... a vineyard in Cremant

My favourite beer... Corona.

The biggest mistake I’ve ever made.... ’ve been gullible. I’ve let others take advantage of me.

The best combination champagne/dish is ... Breakfast at 8.30am in the vineyard during harvest : bread, pâté, the best of spirits, lots of friendship and ... champagne.

I detest.... people harming children.

My biggest wish.... was fulfilled with the love of my children.

My favourite spot... My village and the coast.