In the spotlight: Champagne Louis Massing

You can find the Louis Massing Champagne house in the heart of the Côte des Blancs.

They offer a magnificent and diverse range of cuvees (5 Grand Crus Blanc de Blancs), one of which has been aged in oak. Since 1936 the house has been run by three generations of passionate champagne makers.

They have no secrets: visitors can see....


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Still wine, Ratafia, Marc de Champagne and Fine de la Marne

Besides bubbles, champagne makers also create different by-products, such as: still or non-sparkling wine, Ratafia, Marc de Champagne and Fine de la Marne...


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In the Champagne region, the most famous sparkling wine in the world is made. The champagne makers use their best grapes for making their precious sparkling wine. In the wine regions where the crémants are born, this is somewhat different...
They:" No, we just had an alcohol control."...

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Visitor's guide - step 1

When people say they like champagne and you ask them “which one?” you usually get no answer to this question.
This is nevertheless an important question every oenotourist must reflect on before organizing his trip to the Champagne region...


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Champagne Showers in Formula I

13th of May 1950, this was the day on which started the cronicles of a car race which would evolve to become the most prestigious racing contest in the history of the automobile: Formula I. The first Grand Prix took place on Englands Silverstone circuit. The circus passed on to Monaco, Indianapolis, Bremgarten, Spa-Francorchamps and on the 2nd of July 1950 the Grand Prix of France started...


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Another producer: Champagne Sourdet-Diot

We are 'vigneron indépendant', we follow all the stages of the champagne production very closely: from the vine to the finished champagne bottle. We have a spacious and modern tasting room where we can receive all visitors, including large groups.


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Price-winning cuvées

Our producers who had their products tasted by the jury of the Guide Hachette 2017 and got a nomination are:

Champagne Bouquet: Millésime 2012
Champagne Jean-Yves de Carlini: Blanc de Noirs * *
Champagne Pierre Gobillard: Authentique *
Champagne Pascal Hénin: Prestige Vielle Vignes * - Tradition *
Champagne P. Lancelot-Royer: Millésime 2008 * - Cuvée de réserve RR
Champagne Louis Massing: Excellence Cuvée *
Champagne Guy Michel & Fils: Blanc de Blancs *
Champagne Perseval-Farge: C. de Pinots *
Champagne De La Renaissance: Brut Terroir *
Champagne Sanchez-Le Guédard: Rosé de Saignée
Champagne Diogène Tissier & Fils: N°17 *

6 producers you really should pay a visit

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The way to CHAMPAGNE

"No, this is not the umptiest champagne website. This site is special because it wasn’t made out of commercial reasons but out of love. Love for a region and a product which share the same name: champagne....

A glass of champagne is no doubt the most complex, inspiring and sensual drink on earth. According to marquise de Pompadour, the favorite lady-in-waiting of Louis XV, “the only wine that doesn’t disturb the beauty of a woman”. Champagne is a wine with a lot of history, a wine that tells a story.

A beverage which generates a lot of misunderstanding. Like : “If you tasted one, you’ve tasted them all”. Those commonplaces we hope to dispose of. The sometimes surprising blends of grape varieties (cépages) combined with the personal touch of the producer make sure that each glass of champagne gives you a different experience.

That enchanted us many years ago, when we made our maiden trip to the Champagne region. So we kept returning, but always had the same questions : which houses should we visit, how to taste champagne, where to eat and sleep?

So we came up with the idea to create this website. Not only to clarify all the misunderstandings about champagne, but also to provide a guideline so that your visit to the region passes off smoothly. But especially to convince you that there’s more to champagne than meets the eye.
Steven & Jürgen